Tooth Whitening

Make that first impression count!

Tooth whitening is a simple, cost effective way to improve your smile.

Why would I need by teeth whitened?

The colour of your teeth is determined by your DNA, just like the colour of your hair or eyes. Only a few of us are blessed with beautiful white teeth. Research shows 95% of people would like a whiter smile.

Teeth darken as we age. This can be made worse by certain medicines, after root fillings, or through staining on the surface of the teeth, especially if you are a smoker.

How is the whitening achieved?

Impressions of your teeth are taken so that custom made trays can be constructed. A special whitening gel is placed within the trays which fit snugly over your teeth. The gel releases oxygen which whitens the tooth colour gently and effectively.

How long does the whitening last?

The improvement in your smile is permanent but may dull slightly over the years. If you notice this, then a few nights of whitening will restore the brightness of your smile.

Who can whiten teeth?

It is illegal to whiten teeth unless you are a dentist.

A recent Which magazine report found beauty clinics allowing staff to carry out teeth whitening treatment with little or no training. Half of thoseĀ  investigated were using the wrong chemicals which could wreck your teeth.

A trading standards investigation uncovered kits purchased for home use over the internet that contained up to 240 times the legal limit of whitening agent.

Tooth Whitening